My roommate and I got a puppy! It’s my first pet outside of family life growing up. Her name is Lula (full name: Lula Belle May Scooter) — that, or one of the 10 different nicknames based on whatever animal we think she looks like at the moment.
She’s a Yorkie Pomeranian, 4 months old, and we’re in the house training and “chew everything you see!” stage. Woo hoo!

As I type, little Lula is lying paws-up, buried in the couch pillows next to me, fast asleep.
This happened when she excitedly jumped on the couch, fell over sideways, and sank into the hole beside me. Then she decided she’d give up and just stay on her back, all 4 paws up and touching, and go to sleep.
She is the cutest.