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 Operation Lullaby Parade –

A Matching Challenge!

 You guys, I have an awesome 70-year-old fourth cousin who is a traveling speaker/author, magician, puppeteer, ventriloquist, and life coach.  His name is Barney, and he’s my life coach for free!  (family perks)  😉
He offered up a challenge for me:  “I’m going to give you this $20 bill.  I want you to invest this in whatever way you feel is best and return the $20 bill once it’s been multiplied.”  He shared a couple of stories where people raised money by asking others to match that amount, and one girl even raised enough to put herself through clown school!
I am accepting the challenge – only adding a twist!
With Christmas coming up, Lullaby Hymns: the weary soul makes a great Christmas gifts for mothers, young families with kids, grandparents, those who are sick /going through hard times, or anyone at all who loves easy-listening music.
Hey… YOU should order a copy for someone (come to think of it)  😉
My challenge to you is to be a part of this “matching campaign” by matching my cousin’s $20 – and I will use ALL of the money I receive for advertising “Lullaby Hymns” online this Christmas season!
Then I’ll tell you guys how many orders I received and how successful it was after the holiday season!  Let’s make this EPIC.
If you want to be a part of parading Lullaby Hymns around the interwebs (and getting credit for its success!), please paypal your $20 gift to:  katy@katykinard.com or mail your check to:  Silverspun Music, P.O. Box 40041, Nashville, TN 37204 and write “matching challenge” on the memo line.
You’ll get a free album download as a thank-you!  (unlike the full version with the stories behind the hymns, artwork, etc.  That’s the one you want to order for your Mom)  …haha.
THANK YOU GUYS for supporting my music and believing in the cause.  Exciting things happening with music on this end… writing new songs, playing more shows, pitching songs to publishers, and rumors of a new CD in 2015!
Until then… let’s flaunt some lullabies!  😉