So I was driving to work and veering all over the road, simply because the sky looked particularly awesome and I was staring at it.
It was changing so fast…the clouds were surrounding the moon, but they were tiny symmetrical little puffs, and it looked like a rainbow was circling the moon between the clouds. It honestly looked like the moon was surrounded on all sides, like it was floating in a bubble of rainbow kaleidoscope clouds, with green and blue, white and pinkish colors…but the rest of the sky was black. Then in about 2 minutes, all the clouds were above it and looked like regular clouds, and the moon was alone again (poor thing).

This is what I love about Nashville. Although one of these days it’s going to cause me an accident. Usually in the spring and summer, I’m staring at the grass and the flower-trees, wondering how in the world the grass got so bright green, and why everything looks like a video game. It really looks like cartoon grass to me (in a good way) See I’m from Colorado originally and we didn’t have grass like that, and certainly not trees made entirely of flowers! The wintertime is cool because the trees have all lost their leaves, but at night time, all the tiny branches still make the trees look full and the frost on them makes it look soo cool… but it looks unreal! Most of the time Nashville scenery reminds me of paintings…and it makes me think twice whenever I’m watching a movie and thinking “Oh my gosh, that’s such a fake background,” (this is usually when I think the colors are too bright to be real, or the trees look like oil paintings)… See, cause many times I’ve looked at trees in Nashville and thought, it looks like a charcoal drawing (or, in the fall, the colors look like bright paint)… or I’ve seen the grass and flowers and thought it looked like cartoons, or I’ve looked at the moon when it takes up the entire road on the horizon (and it looks like it’s right in front of you, and way too detailed) and I’ve thought it looked like a huge paper cutout they used in old B movies (“as if the moon could look that big”) It’s so crazy.

Well on a less poetic note, there’s a beetle at the radio station exercising around my legs.

…(Seriously, he’s been doing laps in a perfect circle ever since I got to work… from the computer desk to under the console to around the base boards by the window, past the bookshelf and back around to the computer desk. It’s been at least 20 laps, maybe more.)
Why don’t I squash him, you ask?   … Because I hate the crunch.