My friend Jon had asked who inspired the song choices for this new CD.  I wrote him back a novel and a half, and then I figured, why waste a perfectly good novel?  Those of you who (are awesome and therefore) have the CD might be curious to know as well.

The entire musical theme was inspired by Allison Ogren and Robert Robinson’s lullaby Christmas album:  “Tis the Season: Kid’s Christmas” – which is a staple CD for me (I listen to it year-round, anytime I’m stressed or want to relax)

If you read the thanks section, you see where I got a lot of the inspirations… like wanting to record “Come Thou Fount” because of Ashley Cleveland (and mostly because of how she told the story behind the song in one of her concerts. I never knew the story before. However, she didn’t add that “he came back to the Lord” … because that is speculation and sort of an added end to the story that has circulated.  l found it fascinating, that he was the writer of that and struggled so much to the point that he may never have come back to belief in the Lord.  Makes my heart leap out to him even more, I guess).

Be Thou My Vision was inspired by Ginny Owens’ angelic acapella version, which is why I love the song in general.

Great Is Thy…has always been my favorite slow hymn.

How Deep the Father’s Love For Us is my new favorite hymn of all time, even though it was written in 1995 as a modern one. It sounds ancient. The song having made the CD is thanks to Jay Rockholt for playing it as a special in church one Sunday (Jay sings backup on a couple of the songs on the CD and also plays guitar for me on How Deep..)  I had never heard the song before that Sunday.

Fairest Lord Jesus – the guitar instrumental – was pieced together from 2 separate youtube videos, spliced together by yours truly, transcribed note-for-note by a few of us and given to Dave Issacs, who can read sheet music.  😉  I just couldn’t find any arrangement I liked and decided to just research my own.  If you’re curious, these were the original videos I found:  and  < starting at the 1:26 mark.

Likewise, my mom’s song – the piano medley – was because of a truly talented pianist on youtube who comes up with beautiful arrangements to hymns… (Ross Kettles)  I originally heard an arrangement of this other song (that you will recognize)  😉  while searching through random youtube videos for piano arrangements…

I actually asked him if he would write a song for me that included two of my mom’s favorites (“I Need Thee Every Hour” and “I’d Rather Have Jesus”) and this was the work-in-progress rough idea:

Again, transcribed note-for-note, (then I shortened it for time’s sake) and my mom played it!

I just noticed that he’s re-recorded the original version with his own polished unique additions and changes – very cool:

In the Garden – I added because it’s Pastor Cassada’s favorite and I believe my dad’s favorite and others who go to Verity. Since the CD exists because of Verity Baptist asking me over and over to come out with a CD of all hymns 🙂  I put In The Garden on there for them.  It wasn’t one of my favorites before, but because of Verity and due to Blair Masters’ beautiful arrangement and Rhodes piano sound, it’s now one of my favorites on the CD.

I first heard Mercy Me’s version of The Love of God in some random CD compilation I believe I got free from the radio station throwaway box.  Again, I’d never heard the song before.  This is their simple, straight-ahead version  Then I heard the story behind the song–that the words to the 3rd verse were found scribbled on the wall of an insane asylum cell–and it made me even happier I added it.  I suppose that is a bit Tim Burtonish…what can I say.

Pass Me Not was inspired by a group called Kairos who recorded a slightly-faster, more bluegrass version on their CD. They’re a group made up of people I used to go to college with, including Andrew Greer and Pamela Kelly-McLellan.  Again, I never even liked the song that much until their version made it one of my favorites.

Random thought about Tis So Sweet… I like the chords that appear halfway and throughout the rest of the song–Billy’s hook–because the three-note-walkup reminds me of the song “Iris” by the GooGoo Dolls, which I’ve always liked.

Finally, O The Deep Deep Love…was inspired by a CD of songs from various artists here in Nashville- “Indellible Grace” collection of old hymns that are modernized -and Katy Bowser sang this song on the CD.  Her voice sometimes sounds like a wicked witch singing that God loves me.  Kind of creepy, but I love the song. haha  It’s supposed to have that edge to her voice that makes her so unique, so I’m not trying to be mean, I actually like her singing it.

The End. End of novel.